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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability are Good for Business

By: Dave Stangis, Campbell’s Vice President, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Corporate citizenship humanizes, improves and personalizes a company’s purpose in the world it serves. At Campbell, it’s how we work every day—from the water and energy we use, to how we make our food, to how we support our employees and help our neighbors. It’s…

Young women cook up recipes for success

Tomatoes, avocados, radishes, onions and more were sliced, diced and simmered by eight local teenage girls from Bonsall Elementary School in Camden, N.J. as part of a nutritious cooking lesson from Campbell’s chefs. The Mexican-inspired meal was assembled by seventh and eighth grade students who had the opportunity to experience foods like avocado for the…

Cooking Matters for Camden Kids

Hummus. Turkey tacos. Stir fry. Grain salad. Trail mix. Dessert sushi. Sounds like the exotic menu at the latest trendy city restaurant, but it’s actually a sampling of the delicious foods recently prepared by fourth-grade students from H.B. Wilson Elementary School in Camden, N.J. They participated in a five-week, hands-on nutrition education experience in our…

CEO Denise Morrison @ Milken: Transforming a legacy company

Campbells’ CEO Denise Morrison was part of a Milken Institute panel during their 2016 Global Conference today. She shared the stage with leaders from established companies to talk about the challenges and opportunities in transforming a legacy brand into a modern, relevant and high-performing business. Denise brought Campbell’s purpose-led journey to the conversation and shared…

May the fourth be with you

May 4, Star Wars Day, is the worldwide day to say “May the 4th be with you” and Campbell’s Soup wants to celebrate the beloved Star Wars story that binds the galaxy together with new soup labels featuring the Episode VIII stars. This year, our team is joining the party with the release of four…

Ideas + Food Forward Competition = Net Impact

By: Dave Stangis, Campbell’s Vice President, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability It’s no secret that the food industry is undergoing a consumer-driven revolution and at Campbell we’re working every day to rise to the challenge. Sometimes one of the ways to address a challenge is to work outside-in, and that’s why Campbell is the lead sponsor…

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