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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Real Food makers bring farmers’ market style sauces to your table

It’s summer here in southern New Jersey, where vine-ripened tomatoes from the local produce stand are a mouthwatering highlight of the season. Whether you call it a fruit or a vegetable, the Jersey tomato is a beloved icon in our state, and on our tables. Our own Alan Slesinksi, Program Manager, Product Development, visits his…

Full smiles and empty plates after a food pop-up for our plant employees

Stepping out of the kitchen, our head Chef Tom Griffiths steers his excited team of chefs and volunteers into the middle of our pilot plant here at world headquarters in Camden, N.J. to surprise 30 employees with a food pop-up as they break for lunch. The effort is led by Roots, our employee resource group,…

Tara Smith among 2016 ‘Women Worth Watching’

We’re proud to say that Tara Smith has been recognized as one of 162 Women Worth Watching in the 15th annual ranking by Profiles in Diversity Journal, which promotes and advances diversity and inclusion. Tara is our Deputy Corporate Secretary and Corporate Counsel in addition to being the global co-chair and business advisor for the…

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