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Monthly Archives: October 2017

OUTstanding allies in leadership make coming to work count

By: David Lenahan, Director of Human Resources Global Services Campbell is a company where you can succeed as your true self—and at this point in my career—that’s a non-negotiable. To be my best, I need to be myself, and that includes being out at work. Today, our CEO Denise Morrison was named the #1 Ally…

Strength in numbers: uniting our annual giving back campaign?

By: Amanda Bauman, Senior Manager Community Affairs   Each year, our United Way giving campaign connects us with millions of donors around the world–multiplying and maximizing our impact. Inspired by the United Way model, we are leveraging the power of collaboration as we launch this year’s campaign at Campbell. ? For the first time in…

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage with real food moments

Our Hispanic employee network has been spending time bringing our real food purpose to life—celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 through October 15).   Every week this month, the cafés at our World Headquarters in Camden, N.J., and our Pepperidge Farm HQ in Norwalk, Conn., have showcased the diversity of Latin American flavors and…

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