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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Soulfull Project Goes National, Aiming to Donate One Million Servings by 2019

By: Megan Shea and Chip Heim, Co-Founders of The Soulfull Project   Looking into the eyes of a single mother trying to feed her children… that is how this all started. While visiting homes across America as part of a research initiative, we met a family that was living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to…

A Souper Legacy of bringing real food around the globe

By: Sarah Rice, Corporate Archivist   For well over a century, we’ve made our foods with high-quality, authentic ingredients from around the world. By the early 1930s, we were also distributing our foods internationally, partnering with brokers, vendors and independent distributors in cities, remote villages and tropical islands to sell, and sometimes make, soups in…

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